Processed Food and Beverages

Processed Food and Beverages – Representative Projects Completed

  • Evaluating The Best Location For A Food Processing Major From The Perspective Of Availability Of Agricultural Produce And Infrastructure.
  • Receptiveness To The Use Of Aseptic Dispensing Technologies Within Select Processed Food Segments Including Refined Oil, Packaged Milk, Juice And Non Aerated Beverages.
  • Benchmarking Raw Material Sourcing Practices Of Select Competitors In The Processed Food Segment Including Edible Oil, Snacks And Other Select Product Categories.
  • Market Assessment For Proprietary Enzymes In The Bakery, Processed Foods, Nutritional Drinks And Breweries Segments For A European Multinational.
  • Strategic Assessment Of The Opportunity For Entering The Retail Segment In Fresh Agricultural Produce For A Large Indian Chain.
  • Competitive Evaluation Of A Major Mnc’s Plans In The Energy Drinks Market In India And Strategic Geographic Intent In Announced Expansion Plans.
  • Competitive Trends In The Ready-to-eat Market Segment From The Perspective Of New Technologies And Processes Being Introduced In The Country.
  • Acquisition Assessment Of A Soya Drink Manufacturer In India.
  • Assessment Of The Opportunities For Caps And Closures In The Indian Processed Food And Beverage Segment.
  • Competitive Assessment Of An Indian Carotenoid Producer For Manufacture And Export Of The Actives To International Processed Food And Pharmaceutical Markets.
  • Assessment Of The Market For Composite Cans In India In The Processed Food And Drink Industries.
  • Assessment Of The Market For Packaging Products For The Fresh Food Segment.
  • Opportunities For A New Film In The Processed Food Labeling Market.

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