Gases – Industrial – Representative Projects Completed

  • Assessed Market for Commodity Industrial Gases in India including Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide
  • Assessed Opportunities for Non-Ozone Depleting Refrigerant Gases in India
  • Current and Forecast Market for Nitrogen in Packaging Applications
  • For a Leading Natural Gas Supplier, Conducted Current and Forecast Market Size of the Industrial Gas Market in India and Breakdown to Support a Market Entry Decision
  • Evaluated the Strategies of Key Industrial Gas Suppliers in India in Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Markets
  • Analyzed the Strategies Deployed by Industrial Oxygen Suppliers in Indian Steel Sector and Completed In-depth Evaluation of Deals with Select Customers
  • In-depth Evaluation of Competitive Strategies of Suppliers of Industrial Gases in India across Leading Application Segments
  • Market Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Demand Forecast across Key Segments–Food, Aerated Beverages, Fire Metal Fabrication, Chemical Manufacturing, Refrigeration, Fire, etc.
  • Identified Opportunities for Market Entry into India’s Carbon Dioxide Market
  • Evaluated Acquisition Opportunities in India’s Industrial Gases Segment
  • Assessed Opportunities for an Industrial Gas Supplier in the Steel Industry
  • Strategic Evaluation of Indian Market for Helium and by Key End-Use Applications including Fabrication, Medical Diagnostics, Recreational Applications and Mixtures

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